Looking for links between Expressionism and Zumthor

Posted in building by tot on November 21, 2008

See how generational link works in Koeln.

KOLUMBA, this compound has not only ancient church, but has the small extension by the Pritzker-awarded German Architect, Gottfried Boehm. Unique black concrete facade comes out to the street, showing latticed high-side window with thin marble.



Smooth black concrete and tree-shaped marble altar can be extravagant, but what about the stuff on top?

In Cologne, because of many historical churches, this kind of succession is fairly familiar. St. Anna church is a good example of that. Original church is bombed and renovated by Domonikus Boehm (Gottfried’s father) and Gottfried. Its wall is made of concrete, mixed the red stones of the original building. White marble altar seems the son’s design. Then, the alternative modernist, Rudolph Schwarz added changing room, and Heinz Bienefeld put the Large glass entrance facade.



Earthy textured concrete…



Schwarz’s St. Andreas in Essen have simple plan and texture of wood and bricks…



Dominikus Boehm did some expressionism works. One of them is this. White arches generate gradual shade..

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