Gigon Guyer – Prime Tower Facade ?

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‘Green’ building, well it is green for sure. (more…)


List* Bookstores in Zurich – Architecture

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Why not catching up swiss architecture trend from books (only be found) here? (more…)

plasticity in cozy living space

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Ceiling as a natural light diffuser

Finn Juhl is a furniture designer who lead ’50s modern design integrated with craftmanship. His plastic form of furniture are placed here on low tables, drawers, and on the floor, keeping the clear space above eye level. Then this perception is emphasized by the slightly colored ceiling which has no obstacle (except smoke dectator probably added later).

south west windows (more…)

Bomb in Guggenheim?

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A happy new year!

Ein Gutes Neues Jahr!

Feliz ano novo!

sorry,sunset (more…)

Christmas Trip

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Arne Jacobsen completed sense of proportion in modernism. (more…)