List* Bookstores in Zurich – Architecture

Posted in zurich by tot on January 10, 2009

Why not catching up swiss architecture trend from books (only be found) here?

There are not so many architectural bookstores in Zurich. So when you come to Zurich, just stop by these ‘Buchhandlungen (bookstores)’ to find some books published in Switzerland.

Orell Füssli Krauthammer (map)

This company is one of the biggest in Switzerland and has branchs in the center. This store, Krauthammer,  specializes in Design and Architecture. Space is large enough and some benches are good to sit and read huge photobooks. Upstair is french bookshop.

Hochparterre Bücher (map)

This bookstore opened a year ago, is located in rather bawdy and lively area in Zurich where many young architects’ office sexist. It offeres lectures sometimes. The interior design is like a swiss contemporary!

There are some more nice bookstores in Museums also, and some secondhand bookstores dealing architectural books.  The last one is not about architectural bookstore, but a cutting-edge art publisher NIEVES has nice bookstore and gallery along the bawdiest and cool ‘Langstrasse (long street)’. Also worth visiting. Please let me know if you know any nicer bookstores in Zurich, or in other cities!


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