Quotes, quotes ;)

Posted in building by tot on June 21, 2009

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity. — Charles Mingus (more…)


EPFL : Life in Tech Uni

Posted in building, misc by tot on June 20, 2009

I feel familiar with atmosphere of engineering department in universities. (more…)

Most livable cities? (rating sucks?)

Posted in misc, zurich by tot on June 18, 2009

MONOCLE, international quality and design magazine from the UK has announced  2009 ranking of world’s most livable cities in the latest issue. (more…)

Lausanne : beaucoup de parcs

Posted in building, misc by tot on June 13, 2009

Although outsider art is attractive to me, it has always certain dark impression. Well, maybe because they mostly  dropped out. In closed societies such as ones in Japan, Switzerland, France, Austria , Germany and etc those who are suffered from it open the door to this art brut. They think and communicate by their hands.

lausanne01 (more…)

Belgrade: east end of Jože Plečnik

Posted in building by tot on June 8, 2009

Did a grand tour to see  Jože Plečnik‘s works weeks ago. (more…)


Posted in misc, zurich by tot on June 6, 2009

After a super-league winning festival of FC Zürich. More working class people, less foreigners. Immigrants do as they always do. Here happens everything. White and light blue as colors of Zürich.


baeckeranlage00 (more…)

extra: Church in Meggen

Posted in building by tot on June 3, 2009

By the Verkehrshaus, with just 5 minutes drive,  we could see the church again. Hardware fixture have simple and beautiful details.  Small chapel has a nice wide abstract painting.

piuskirche01 (more…)

Verkehrshaus_Luzern visit

Posted in building, exhibition, misc by tot on June 1, 2009

New Verkehrshaus is almost renewed and we went for an invitation by the architects, Gigon Guyer… Here is a hall for street cars. Its interior design is not by Gigon Guyer but by a young architects’ office.

vkh01 (more…)