Belgrade: east end of Jože Plečnik

Posted in building by tot on June 8, 2009

Did a grand tour to see  Jože Plečnik‘s works weeks ago. After seeing his most important works in Ljubljana (studio house, national library, churches, bridges, cemetery, etc), I went on to Belgrade where his round brick church should still exist.

Here’s a view to courtyard of a hotel I stayed in Belgrade.


And some scenes of the city.. you can see scars of war, like in Sarajevo..

(By the way, a bus trip from Sarajevo to Belgrade was great. river runs along the way and cows are on a lawn.. not clean but beautiful… it is even different from swiss landscape, more like it is left undevelopped after the history of late battlefield)


Here’s the church by Plečnik: Roman Catholic Church of St. Anthony of Padua.



As you can see in the office of his own house, circular space (or element) is of his concern quite some time. Here, as elements, greek order and byzantine style are dominant, but because it’s gone through his modernity, it creates space with something more than eclecticism.


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