Most livable cities? (rating sucks?)

Posted in misc, zurich by tot on June 18, 2009

MONOCLE, international quality and design magazine from the UK has announced  2009 ranking of world’s most livable cities in the latest issue.

HERE is the 25 cities ranking.

Same as last year, my hometown is in (why?)…


And the no. 1 is…


Compared with other rankings such as ones by  the Economist‘s or Mercer‘s,  metropolis seem well evaluated. And proper choise for japanese cities (In Mercer’s, they chose Omuta-city, but you never mention it without Fukuoka.. probably they’ve just read only by numbers..). This magazine is kinda Japanophile and for young exective jetsetters who are fond of design, architecture, shopping, resort (and probably, new development), so the result is understandable.

I yearn to live some cities listed there, but at the same time I am afraid of being jetsetters who innocently get through and rate those cities. It is rather wasteful than cool..

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