Utopics – 11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition 第11回 スイス彫刻展覧会

Posted in exhibition, Utopic '09 by tot on September 3, 2009

11th Swiss Sculpture Exhibition ‘Utopics’ is held in Biel/Bienne from 30th August till 25th October.

第11回 スイス彫刻展覧会  ’Utopics’ が 8月30日から10月25日までビール/ビエンヌで開かれている。


© Tota Goya

This quinquennial is an exhibition of contemporary art in public space since 1954, with 50 interventions placed in the city of Biel/Bienne.


Artists are both swiss and international, and also Utopians and micronations participate it. Director is Simon Lamunière, who has been a curator of Art Unlimited in Art Basel, and was a curator of dokumentaX in Kassel.


Biel/Bienne is a city of watch industry in the center of Switzerland. In a short walk, you will find the beautiful old town, canals, lake side, hilltop, and redevelopment area: different faces of this city. Art works are located on specific sites: square, pedestrian walk on the hill, restaurant by the lake, optician, show cases, hotel room, and empty lot. While looking for them with the help of the guide book, you will come on to the diverse components of the city. Lang/Baumann has liked Palais des Congrès, ’60’s brutal concrete building with conference-sport center and tower, and they attached stairs and doors on two sides of a concrete tower. This surrealistic operation emphasizes the peculiarity of this building.




more introductions about artists and more photos will be updated in a few days.



English website   英語ウェブサイト

Utopics – http://www.interversion.org/utopics/home-3

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