Elevational activities – Schule im Birch by Peter Märkli

Posted in building, zurich by tot on October 31, 2009

This school (kindergarten, elementary school, and junior highschool) with open playground shows various character on its facades.

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neue räume 09

Posted in exhibition, zurich by tot on October 29, 2009

Neue Räume 09 is a furniture messe in Zürich. Many international furniture companies and some swiss ones show new products and do some symposium. Some architectural projects and awards are exhibited also.

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Posted in building, zurich by tot on October 26, 2009

What amazing in der Schweiz is after festivals, all the mess on the street will be utterly cleaned over night. You don’t even feel it was over after the festival..



Posted in building by tot on October 11, 2009

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