the house I am in

Posted in building, travel by tot on March 28, 2011

Light gives another color.

When we study designing houses (especially in Japan), it basically comes inside out. If you can afford a garden outside, it should be reflected from its interior and the façade respond to it… they interact.

Revisited Finn Juhl’s house in Ordrup in early spring when low-angled sunlight comes sharp into the main bedroom through a vertical window, almost fully high with one step above wooden floor.

Tinted ceilings, some of which make almost no difference in brightness with white walls, seem to rouse our attention to light. Light comes from behind shelves and wardrobes through the reflection on ceilings and walls.

At the entrance space, you’ll notice a relatively wide proportioned sliding door, which is glazed. Like a glass shelf on the right, it keeps the continuity of space in terms of visibility and of course, light.

Today the vertical glass in the bedroom is double glazed with a frame, and from outside  a single glass is attached on the wall. Originally there is no double glazing but a single one, I guess, with which you can enjoy a beautiful picture window, whilst sitting on his beautiful lounge chair. Its portrait has on top some branches from a tree planted next to the window as a near view, and the forest on the upper slope as background..

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