Posted in about TATE-MONO, building by tot on April 20, 2011

This blog’s title, ‘tate-mono’ means building, or ‘built thing’ in direct translation in Japanese. Actually it sounds very casual and even amateur for professionals.

I owe this title much to an essay of Hiroyuki Suzuki, professor of history of architecture.  Titled ‘Tatemono wa heishi dewa nai (Building is not a soldier)’, this provocative inscription and its manifesto with sentences in ironic forms remain in my mind for years and I recall it especially when I looked on cities as accumulation of time. He has an eye on cities after architects’ playing around it. He keeps distance from architects of the same generation who sometimes try to mythologize themselves. If they are winners, he will never be on their side.. Intellectual is to be like this, as Edward Said wrote.

Audio program including the essay (japanese)

Thanks Kenchikukei Radio.

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